Do you make custom button panels?

Yes, they are $79.95 instead of $29.95 and usually take about 60 days to complete. Custom acrylic covers and art templates are also available.

Because these are custom orders I can't discount them based on the quality of the powder coating finish. You should expect minor imperfections.

All custom orders are done through my Discord server: allfightsticks.com/discord I'm AFS - Aaron on there.


Do you have any other colors besides black? 

Cases are also also available in textured matte white and textured matte red.

If you would like to pre-purchase a case in either of these colors please DM me on Discord. They are an additional $14.95.


Can I order custom colors? 

The local powder coating company I use charges $70 per hour plus the cost of 2 pounds of powder plus shipping from the powder company ($14.95). On average this comes out to be about $120. Some powders are more expensive than others.

If you opt to do a custom color I will take two sets of parts in and give you the better looking of the two. The remaining parts would be sold at a discount in the Special and Clearance section of the website.

Because only two cases are being coated it's almost guaranteed that both will have minor cosmetic flaws. Getting a custom color means paying $100 more for a blemished product. If that still interests you, then you can DM me on Discord.

Custom colors can be found here: Powder Coating Powder, Colors & Supplies | Prismatic Powders 

Only single coat colors are supported. Nothing that requires a base and top coat like the Illusion, Candy and Lollypop Series.

The other option is I can ship you a raw metal body for no additional charge and you can take your chances with your own local powder coating company or paint it yourself.

WARNING: If you or your powder coater don't plug the threaded inserts prior to applying a coating, the case will be unusable.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship to most countries. 

If you live in a country I don't ship to directly, you can always use a forwarding service. If you choose to use a forwarding company, I won't be responsible for your order beyond that point. I can only guarantee it reaches the address on your order.

In regard to taxes, I cannot determine import or customs costs as this is determined by your country, and dependent on the value of the items you purchase.

While I'm sympathetic that you may have to pay taxes as a result of your country's laws, I can't alter the value of your order. All customs information is sent electronically through Shopify.


What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is through my Discord server. I'm AFS - Aaron.


Where can I get artwork templates for AFS Cases?

Most artwork templates can be found at Focus Attack.

Templates not listed on Focus Attack are located here. Instructions on how to submit these style templates to Focus Attack are found on our Discord server.


Can I order just a plexi top with my case or do I need the metal button panel too?

You need the metal button panel. The plexi is not strong enough on its own because it’s only 1/16” thick. The plexi is optional and only required to hold artwork.