Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Just place an order on the site. Everything is handled automatically. 

In regard to taxes, we cannot determine import or customs costs as this is determined by your country, and dependent on the value of the items you purchase.

While we are sympathetic that you may have to pay taxes as a result of your country's laws we can't alter the value of your order so please don't ask us to do so.


What’s the best way to contact you?

Click here to be directed to our  "Contact Us" page and fill out the email form and we'll get back to you within 1-3 days.

You can also check out our Discord server and seek help from other AFS community members.


How do I add artwork to my case?

We've partnered with Focus Attack to provide the highest quality printing the FGC has to offer. Check them out here.

If your layout isn't currently supported on FA we can still help you place an order through them. Just Contact Us.


Where can I get artwork templates for your cases?

Most artwork templates can be found at Focus Attack.

Templates not listed on Focus Attack are located here. Instructions on how to submit these style templates to Focus Attack are found on our Discord server.

For custom layouts please Contact Us.


Can I order just a plexi top with my case or do I need the metal button panel too?

You need the metal button panel. The plexi is not strong enough on its own because it’s only 1/16” thick. The plexi is optional and only required to hold artwork.


Are the AFS enclosure compatible with my Seimitsu Lever?

Yes. All Seimitsu levers are compatible with our enclosures so long as you also have a Kowal Joystick plate found here.


What parts do I NEED to put together a finished enclosure?

All Non-Universal cases are bundled together with their bottom and side panels. Simply add a Button Panel of your choice to complete your build. The clear acrylic cover is optional unless you are installing artwork.

Universal cases need:

1x - Body, 1x - Button Panel, 2x - Sides, 1x - Bottom Panel



Can I order custom colors? 

Yes. You can find custom colors here:


Custom colors are at flat rate of $59 per color for as many parts as you want. Two coat colors are not supported such as the Illusion Series.


Do you make custom cases / button panels?

We are not accepting custom orders at this time. Once all the current custom orders are finished we'll post a limited number of custom slots for sale on our website. When the slots open up it will be announced on our Discord server.

Custom button panels are $69.95 and take about 45 days to complete. Custom bodies are $189.95 and take about 90 days to complete.